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Our Passion

The Story behind “Pencil” and Minimal Design.

Who inspired us?

Our design philosophy is comparable to Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa, Jonathan Ive and so on.

What is important to us?

We are convinced that products should be self explaining.

What makes “Pencil” special?

It’s like this: “Pencil” is a ballpoint pen, shaped like a pencil.
It’s a minimal design object reduced to the essence – writing. No twisting, no pushing, no clipping.
“Pencil” has a smooth, cool surface due to it’s material.
It’s made of anodized aluminium. Long lasting vs. disposable product.
On top, “Pencil” has a personality. He has a clear opinion and is not afraid ro speak out loud.
He’s charming, he is provocative and lovable.
Follow his adventures on: lifeofpencil.com

Why Pencil?

Pencil feels just right in your hand. Take him, and be inspired.
Pencil will support you in every moment.
His straightness may help set your mind, it’s haptic may inspire you.
Try it, it’s magic!



The desire to keep things as simple as possible has aways excisted.

Simplicity doesn’t only represent itself in shape but also in the method used to create as well as the material used. The reduction to the core of the object, the essence so to say has played an important role in all of design history.
Simplicity doesn’t happen just so. The opposite is the case. Through development of a society things tend to become more complex and more complicated. Complex ideas can always be expressed in a simple way.
Today Mies van der Rohe’s maxim ‘less is more’ is more important than ever.
The development phase which leads to a simple solution may often be the result of a highly complex process including intense research.
Good design is ‘clean’ – it has ‘lost’ all unnecessary on the way.